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Bank PO Classes In Pune

If you are just getting started with banking exams and trying to figure out the way to crack the code, you are at the right place. Let’s first understand what is Bank PO.

What is bank PO?
Bank PO means Probationary Officer in bank. Typically, a bank PO has 2 year probation period and then woks as an Assistant Manager after joining a branch. In the probation period bank will provide training under different things.  The Probationary Officer takes care of the day to day operations in the bank.

With great job, comes great responsibilities. As a leader among Bank PO classes in Pune, We make sure that our students get ready for all possible responsibilities of the job. Let’s understand some responsibilities of Bank PO.

Responsibilities of Bank PO:

  1. Customer Service:
    All banks depend on customers for their business. So provide good service is the most necessity for an officer by giving them information they asked. Like opening new account, issuing check books, handling loans and deposits, dealing with ATM cards.
  2. Cash handling:
    Cash collection and distribution are normally done by clerk. But in case of heavy crowding, a parallel counter will be opened and bank PO’s may be require perform as a clerk. So, for this purpose PO’s are trained on the transaction software also. Many officers have also reported of loading ATM machines with cash every morning so PO’s would also need to keep the track of the ATM activity.
  3. Bringing business to the bank:
    One of the responsibilities of the bank PO  is also to make sure that they upgrade the various products and schemes that the bank has in offer for its customers. It includes fixed deposits, insurance policies, mutual funds, credit cards etc. You may have to visit to clients as well as offices for the offers as public banking sector. They don’t usually have marketing or sales executives in order to enhance the business of the bank.
  4. Report verification:
    The bank PO needs to maintain accounts on a daily basis and also needs to close it every day matching the day to day banking activity. The bank PO needs to login to their system by using their details. The bank PO needs to verify each transactions and records if any difference and changes are found. It is necessary for the bank POs to report and verify the information and documents on a regular basis to the regional and zonal offices.
  5. Other responsibilities of Bank PO also includes Payment Clearances, Official Communications including emails, replies to letters from different departments, etc.

We focus on following exams with our Bank PO Classes : 

  1. IBPS PO : Learn more about IBPS PO– Eligibility criteria, Exam pattern and Syllabus 
  2. SBI PO : Learn more about SBI PO Eligibility criteria, Exam pattern and syllabus
    (Visit IBPS PO and SBI PO links for more understanding on courses we offer at our Bank PO classes in Pune)

Get enrolled with the Mindful Academy’s Bank PO coaching classes in Pune and get trained from the experts to get started with your banking career.

We clearly stand out among other Bank PO Classes In Pune in terms of our selection ratio, profiles our students have got selected for and our training methodology which is greatly focused on our students.

Our expert faculty has a complete understanding of Bank PO exams & syllabus along with a rich experience in training students  from diverse background. We have also adopted a personalised approach towards the training of our students based on their background and understanding level which differentiates us among Bank PO classes in Pune.

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