Best Tips to Crack Reading Comprehension for IBPS


There are 30 questions in the English Section of SBI PO and other Bank-PO Exams, out of which 10 are mostly RC questions. So, if you focus on Reading Comprehension (RC) and attempt all 10 questions of RC, you can easily crack the English section cut off. Hence, you should consider clearing all RC questions very seriously.

Here are some tips for cracking RC section successfully :

  1. Practice , Practice, Practice..!
    Nothing can beat this technique. Your success in any exam will be directly proportional to the amount of practice you put in beforehand. Great practice will deliver you best results at the time of the exam. For RC section, prepare with lots of examples with time measurement. Your speed will only improve if you practice regularly.
  2. Solve Past Year Question Papers :
    Solving past years question papers will make you familiar and comfortable with the paper pattern. You might get the RC on similar lines as the past papers, which will help you to score high in the exam as you are already aware of the topic.
  3. Take A Quick Look At The Paragraph :
    By skimming the paragraph quickly, you will get the theme of the paragraph. This will also enable you to quickly locate the area for a particular answer while solving the questions. This technique will reduce the time to solve all the questions because you know where to look for an answer.
  4.  Time Management :
    Assigning a time & sticking to it is extremely important. Don’t spend too much time on questions which you are not being able to understand and find answers. You might move to the next question and keep moving on.
  5. Pay Attention To Accuracy :
    Don’t guess answers randomly if you can not reach to the accurate answer. If you find any questions too difficult to reach to conclusion, then simply skip those questions. Attempt accurately and don not guess answers.
  6. Understand The Point Completely :
    Read at least 2 sentences before & after the line in question. This will clear the starting of the point and the direction in which it is going further.
  7. Option Elimination :
    The best strategy to reach to your answer in case you are struggling with the right answer is to eliminate least possible answers to reach the most probable answer.



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