How to choose right Post Graduation College

There is no direct formula to select right post graduation college for you. Initially it looks exciting to enter in a new college. But when you actually need to decide your college, it becomes confusing and burdened. Not only you but also your whole family start discussing with friends and relative to find the right college for you.

Now lets make this selection process easier. Here we will discuss few points that may be useful for you and your friends.

  • Private Or Public College: Decide your priorities college wise. Generally private colleges are more expensive so make decisions according to financial aids.
  • Set your goals and ask questions to yourself- you are the only person who can know about your goals so shortlist the colleges which you think will help to meet your goals. This doesn’t have to be stressful. Imagine your lifelong goal.
  • Shortlist the college and compare the fees: Understand what is free ( scholarship and grants ) and what you will have to pay . Fees is worth or not ( Return on Investment)
  • Investigate Job connections: Your ultimate goal is to set yourself for a job (unless you join your family business) so investigate college placement cell, job fairs, recruitment opportunities, counsellor- to -students ratio etc.
  • location of the college: consider the location if it matters to you and your family. How far/near you want your college from home. this can help to narrow your option but i recommend this should be your last option. Keep your mind open and think about the other things as well.
  • Campus and Facilities: Try to visit your shortlisted colleges once before you take the final decision. It will help you to know the college size, culture, learning environment, different faculties like sports, library, students crowd etc. Ask the questions to students about the academics,, faculty, Ranking, college reputation, placement opportunity etc.

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