How to prepare yourself for Online Test

There is no fixed rule or strategy to solve online papers. You just need to be familiar with it since you have not tried a lot with it. There are some tips to solve online paper effectively –

  • Before going to the final test, you must plan that which section you are going to attempt first and which should be last. After all these are not the school or college level exams. These are you selection deciders.
  • Practice as many online papers as possible so that you will be confident at the final day.
  • There is sectional cut offs so manage time well. Plan that how much time you will give to each section. For e.g.QA takes more time than reasoning. So adopt the best strategy.
  • Don’ try to read the whole paper first. Move step by step. otherwise you will get confused.
  • Do not use keyboard to answer the question during exam, use mouse.
  • Stay Relaxed and optimist.

Always remember 

“There are no secrets of success. It is the result of Preparation, Hard work and Learnings from past failures”.  

 Good Luck !!




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