How to stay calm and confident during competitive exams

Do you think that only hard work will keep you calm on the final day of your exam? Do you think only self confidence will work and nothing else? Do you want to be relaxed and give your hundred percent without strain ?

There are many students who prepare diligently for the exam all the year round, get good ranks in weekly or monthly test series, have lots of confidence to crack the final exam  but sometimes due to tiny mistakes they fail to clear the exam. In the final exam , sometimes confidence level of students decreases, sometimes they feel that time was not sufficient and sometimes they just get confused even they know everything. Why does this happen ??? Why brilliant students suffer even they are well prepared ??

There are several reasons behind this. Here in this article I have given you the way out to minimize your tension level and give you the extra edge.

Before your final exam you must  –

  • Brush Up your fundamentals: First and foremost thing is knowledge. Before the final exam , Brush up your fundamentals,  have thorough knowledge and understanding of the whole content.
  • Time Management: Time Management during exam is not just happened by chance. This is final outcome of daily efforts. Time Management is a process in which I would like to recommend you to follow 3 basic steps to manage your time effectively.
  1. Practice your worksheet at home with alarm clock– It will help you to manage time as well as give you direct feedback of the subject understanding.
  2. Always give weekly test at your centre– It will help you to analyse your one week preparation, your  strategies to solve the exam and boost your self confidence. So that during final exam you can choose your best one strategy. It will keep you calm since you are already familiar with the strategy.
  3. Make strategy and follow it – Before the final exam you must understand the best strategy with which you are comfortable. For eg. your strategy to solve paper is that first you attempt  English, then reasoning, then quants and at last G.k.then go for it. Whatever method you choose, should be comfortable for you. There is no hard and fast strategy.Making strategy helps you to manage time well during exam.
  4. Reading and Understanding – It will help you to comprehend  the English passage effectively  with in the limited time. For this  you must read newspaper and good books daily. it will help you to increase your reading speed and understanding level; and also improve your vocabulary.
  5. There is negative marking  and sectional cut off also – Take calculated risk. And manage time so that you can attempt all the section. Don’t waste time on one question. Try to cover all the sections.
  • Self confidence :  Be yourself and believe on your hard work. Always remember that hard work never goes in vain. You must understand the value of continuous and smart studies. Read books so that you will be motivated.  Always remember

“Self confidence is the first Requisite to great undertakings”  

To be brief the combinations of Knowledge, Time and Self confidence will help you to be calm and confident in your final exam.  Practice it daily .This can be achieved only by everyday small and consistent efforts.

Keep Calm, Eat proper and sleep well before the exam.  Good luck !!!




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