Last Minutes tips for SBI PO prelims 2015-16


  • Be Relaxed: There are 2 kinds of students. One who is PREPARAING day and night to crack upcoming SBI PO exam and eager to work in SBI bank.  But still worried “what will happen on 20thJune or 27th  Exam pattern has been changed. I have read a lot but do not know what will happen”And other type of student who has not started preparation yet. Now thought to give up.

In both cases, my suggestion is to restore your lost confidence and believe on you. There are 99% chances of your success if you trust on yourself.

  • Do not lose hope. If you are studying well with full honesty then no one can beat you. And if you have not started yet, still time to go. Just wake up and fasten your speed.
  • Revise the fundamentals: This is the best time to revise all the basic concepts and fundamentals. You MUST have practiced earlier on them so just revise them. Like shortcuts of particular questions, tricks to solve questions quickly, fast calculation tricks, important formulae, grammar rules etc.
  • Revise important topics rather than full syllabus-: You must have gone through previous year question papers. If not, then try them today.  Read online articles and get to know what the important topics for exam point of view are. Give more focus on them. Because you don’t have ample time to revise full syllabus.
  • Discuss with friends:– Study becomes easier if you do it with your friends. So try to discuss important concepts and question papers with your friends. So that you and your friends may know new type of questions or concepts. Also you may know your own weakness and work upon it. Because you still have time to improve your weakness.
  • One Practice set daily:– This is one of the most important steps to crack any competitive exam.  You must attempt one practice set daily and then analyze it. By doing so-
    1. First you will get to know that how muchknowledge of different concepts you have learnt and how much you need to learn day bay.
    2. Second you canminimize negative marking since it seriously affects your scoring.
    3. You may manage you time as well. You exam is of limited time period ( 1 hour for prelims) and you will have try 100 questions in just 60 minutes. So time management is very important.
    4. You will get to know your patience level and confidence while attempting question paper. Because at the end, only confidence matters.

Last but not the least “

  • Whatever You can DO, or you can DREAM, Just BEGIN it, Because BEGINNING is always the hardest”.




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